Kimi Weintraub: South Florida’s Most Sought After Spokesmodel

The spokesmodel industry is highly competitive. Of the many people who aspire to build a meaningful profession in it, only a small fraction succeed. But for talents like Kimi Weintraub, who have an insatiable passion for their craft, becoming a huge success was pretty inevitable. Today, not only does the spokesmodel and commercial model have a thriving career, but she is also making her mark in the industry with a new business venture that looks to rock mainstream media.

Kimi Weintraub is the founder and owner of Kimi Weintraub Productions, a premier agency that provides modeling, voice talent, hosting, and video production services to some of the biggest names and brands in entertainment and media. She has worked with large corporations and empires such as Disney, Amazon, BMW, Audi, Infiniti, Invicta Watches, iHeartRadio, YMCA, The Humane Society, and the Orlando Magic, just to name a few. 

Before going pro, Kimi’s journey into the industry started at the ultra-exclusive Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Performing Arts. She was chosen as 1 of 24 students who would join a highly exclusive vocal training program that saw more than 1,400 applicants. The program would help Kimi jumpstart a successful career in voice acting and singing. Through Dreyfoos’ top-tier vocal program, she was trained in the areas of classical voice performance, diction, phonetics, vocal technique, and many other practices. 

Kimi’s passion for entertainment and the arts began early on. All her life, she has been a singer. After high school, she started an acoustic duo with her best friend called “Regi and Kimi.” They performed all over Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade County for various events, weddings, and corporate functions. For a season, she traveled with Dean Martin’s daughter, Deana Martin, as one of her backup singers. Today, Deana Martin is a great family friend.

While meeting with a talent agency to talk about the group’s music career, the head of the agency offered her a chance to work in television. “I was stunned and excited, to say the least,” she recalls. “Since then, I have hosted television programs, starred in hundreds of car commercials, and have been published in numerous national and international print ads.” While pursuing big projects one after another, the voice actress, spokesmodel, and performer attained a master’s degree in business. She would later apply her business learnings to her career, building more opportunities for herself.

Amid the global pandemic, Kimi Weintraub pivoted and started a business that would help brick-and-mortar businesses shift to digital and e-commerce solutions. Her company began to skyrocket and go on to win an investment opportunity with the “Amazon Queen,” Akemi Sue Fisher, who has built a massive conglomerate with sales exceeding $2 billion through her online ventures. The opportunity came via an exclusive Clubhouse project called the “Pitch Tank,” which follows the format of the famous ABC reality show “Shark Tank.”

Today, Kimi Weintraub is a force to be reckoned with as an entertainment professional and business owner. She believes that passion, hard work, and creativity were crucial to her success. Despite the many challenges the singer and spokesmodel faced, Kimi would persist and persevere. Today, she hopes her story will inspire others to keep chasing after what they love most.

To learn more about Kimi Weintraub, check out her website and Instagram profile.

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